95% of all testing is in-house.

Geotechnical and Soils


  • Drill Rig - CME
  • Little Beaver Drill Rig


ASTM D-1557)

Standard (ASTM D-698)

Modified Proctor with Gradation and PI

Standard Proctor with Gradation and PI

Mechanical (Sieve) Analysis

(ASTM D-422)

% < 200 Sieve

Atterberg Limits

Natural Moisture Content

(ASTM D-2216

Specific Gravity (ASTM D-854)

Swell Consolidation

One Dimensional Consolidation

(ASTM D-2435)

Triaxial Shear CU with Pore Pressure

(ASTM D-2434)

  • Undisturbed
  • Remolded

Pinhole Dispersivity

  • Undisturbed
  • Remolded

Unconfined Compression

(ASTM D-2166)

Relative Density
(ASTM D-2049)



Field Sampling of Fresh Concrete for Slump, Air, and Molding Cylinders

Cylinder Compressive Strength

(ASTM C-617, C-34)

Cylinder Compressive Strength

(Made by Others)

Motor Cubes

Gunite Cylinder Compressive Strength

Grout Coring

Grout Cores

Grout Prisms

Concrete Core Compressive Strength

Flexural Strength of Concrete

(ASTM C-78)

Soil Cement Unit Weight, Gradation, and Moisture

Soil Cement Compressive Strength



lean fill briquette @ 10 feet


Field Sampling and on-site Density Tests

Extraction of Asphaltic Cement

Gradation of Extracted Aggregate

CTB (1 set of 3)

Shrinkage Test

Marshall Testing of 1 Set of 3 Specimens

Extraction, Gradation, 1 Set of 3 Marshals with Maximum Theoretical

Immersion/Compression of Asphaltic Material for Lab Services

Asphalt Mix Design

Length and Density of Asphalt Core Specimens

Maximum Theoretical Density (Rice)


Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates
(ASTM C-136)

  • Coarse (3-4)
  • Fine (#4-#200)

Fractured Face Count and Gradation of Coarse Aggregate 3-4

Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregate

  • (ASTM C-29)

Specific Gravity and Absorption

  • Coarse
    (ASTM C-147)
  • Fine (ASTM C-148)

Rip-Rap Gradation

Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate (ASTM D-2419)

Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in Aggregates (ASTM C-142)

Fractured Face Count of Course Aggregate Unit Weight and Strength of CTB Series Complete

Concrete and Asphalt Coring